Ruby Helmets

Ruby – French motorcycle helmets. These helmets are things of beauty. I found out about them around this time last year while on Wired Magazine’s website.

Ruby Helmets

For whatever reason, just before my trip to New York, Ruby came back into my consciousness. I remembered seeing that they had a retail location in NYC, but I wasn’t sure where it was. Upon looking it up again, I was surprised to see that the retail location -Duncan Quinn- was on Spring street in Soho.

This was where Pete and I spent a decent amount of our time so it is weird that we didn’t go in. Then again, if it’s not on your mind then why would we. In any case, the main reason for me wanting to visit DQ was to try on a Ruby helmet so that eventually, when I have a motorcycle and I am ready to buy a helmet, I will know what size to get.

Mission accomplished; Belvedere: Concorde, size S.

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