Deus Ex Machina

I don’t exactly remember how I first came across Deus Ex Machina. I think perhaps about a year or so ago, when I was first getting interested in the “cafe scene,” I was on another website and I saw an advert for Deus. I clicked it and a new world of bikes opened up to me.

Deus Screen Shot

Then, as most things do, my interest in the cafe scene fell from the spotlight of my attention, and was put in a “we’ll get back to it” file in one of the cabinets in my brain. It wasn’t until my visit to the Capsule show that that file was re-opened.

I was so pleasantly surprised upon seeing their booth at the show. I was not only totally not expecting to see them there, but also, so happy that they were coming back into my life. I picked up a few brochures and a pin from their booth. I also spoke to one of their sales reps who was really nice and was stoked on how stoked I was about their brand.

Recently I have been lurking on their site, getting ideas for elements of a cafe bike build that I’m eager to start, if only I could convince my parents to let me buy a motorcycle. Additionally, I’ve been checking out their merch and their well made vimeo videos that are not only of high production value, but also tell great stories. If you get the chance, be sure to stop by and visit the “God from the Machine.”


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