Ball And Buck

Ball and Buck is a store I found out about purely by accident. I was looking for retail locations for Field Notes (I’ll hit on these in a later post) and this was the most convenient one. I was going to try and buy them on the way to the bus station on the day I left for New York, but I didn’t have enough time.

Ball and Buck

So, on the way back from NYC, since I was already in Boston and no longer on a time frame, I decided to stop into B&B. According to their website they were located on Newbury Street, but, upon  finding them on Google maps, it appeared that they were more on (lol, moron) Dartmouth Street. As it turned out, this was closer to the truth. Although their address is 144B Newbury Street, they are actually located in a below street level location on -what I would consider to be- Dartmouth Street.

Upon entering I felt like I was walking into a camping store or onto the set of Moonrise Kingdom. There was chopped wood decor and the smell of pine. A refined, clearly sort of classy and designer version of an outdoorsman-ey type feel. I suppose I should have expected this considering what I saw they sold on their website -leather goods, hunting knives, denim, etc.

Regardless, the place was pretty cool and I should have spent more time in their, admiring what they had for sale and how it was set up. Instead, like a man who “doesn’t know how to shop,” I just walked in, found what I wanted, bought it, and left. It however was sort of the perfect end to the the trip as everything in the felt very reminiscent of their Capsule and D&A show, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the items featured there were at either show.

Duh, what am I talking about, Field Notes were at Capsule.


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