Blizzard 2013

Nemo has indeed found the Northeast. I woke up yesterday and looked out my window to be greeted by the most snow I can recall seeing in my life! The cars in my driveway were barely recognizable. Between the snow drifts and the actual snow fall, the cars were completely buried.

Blizzard 2013Considering I could easily climb into my kitchen window, yeah, I’d say the snow was high.

The only other time I can vaguely remember there being even remotely close to this about of snow was the Blizzard of 1997. I was only 7 years old at the time but I remember my dad putting me on the roof of his van so I could clean off the snow. Somehow I found myself teetering on the edge of the roof and I slid down the windshield, onto the hood, and into the snow. My dad rushed over to see if I was okay only to find that I was laughing, “Can I do that again?” I asked.

This year however, was a bit different. Being that I’m a bit older,  I actually had to help shovel and really work my back off to make even a dent in the snow. The funny thing is that all winter long, it hasn’t felt like winter because it hasn’t really snowed. I had been saying, “Ya it’s cold, but without the snow it doesn’t feel like winter.” I guess I can’t say that anymore.

Sidenote: I was scheduled to work from 12:00 to 4:15 on Saturday but I didn’t end up going in, here’s why: 1) I was still sick from the day previous, 2) there was a driving ban in effect, 3) I wanted to help shovel, 4) my mom didn’t want me to drive there. Let it be known that I did call in to inform them that I wasn’t coming.

Also, upon calling I asked if any customers had come into the store, and the man I spoke to -Mike- said no one had. This made me feel better. What would the point have been for me to go in to work if there were going to be no customers to help anyway? However, I am still confessing this becase I feel bad that I didn’t go into work, when in reality, I probably could have. I just feel like I had to write this as a means of justifying my reasons for not going in.

Who would have thought they would have been open on the day of a blizzard? Who was going to go out to try and do shopping that day anyway? Plus, like I said, I don’t know how strict it was, but there was a driving ban in effect. Aren’t my reasons for not working just?

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