I Got Tickets

Yesterday I went into Boston and got tickets to both One More Time: A Tribute to Daft Punk, and to Vampire Weekend. My April and May are gonna be consumed by concerts but I’m okay with that. Here is the line-up:

April 12 – MUSE – The Boston Garden; No actual ticket available, I think they are trying to be paperless or something. The good thing about this show is that the last time I saw them at the Garden (3/6/10; fun fact, this was the one year anniversary from when Watchmen (movie) came out) I was way at the back, this time we have General Admission -floor- tickets so we’ll be right at the barricade.

One More Time - ticket

April 23 – One More Time – The Paradise Rock Club; Hopefully this ends up being the fun dance-party-type-thing that I’m expecting it to be. The good news is, regardless of what the show ends up being, I’m going with Pete and Lauren so I will at least be with friends. On another note, neither good nor bad, just a note, this cancels out me going to Bassnector because I can’t really afford to.

Vampire Weekend ticket

May 15 – Vampire Weekend – Agganis Arena; Unfortunately I was not able to get General Admission tickets like I’d hoped. However, while at the ticket window, I started thinking about how I wouldn’t want to miss out on seeing VW again just because I wasn’t gonna be on the floor, so I bought* the ticket anyway.

*By bought I mean let my Mum buy for me, as an early b-day present.


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