The Sinclair

While at my internship, one of the other designers was talking about a metal show she had attended. When I asked her what venue it was at, she told me The Sinclair. Upon looking it up, I was very pleased with what I’d found.


Not only was their logo and website very clean and well designed, but also, just as she described, the venue seemed to represent a New York subway station, grungy and old. Though it apparently opened this past November -on the 14th*- it’s certainly new to me. Regardless of wether I go to a show there or not, I really just want to go there and check it out. Guess I’ll have to add it to the “to do” bar list.**

*source The Phoenix

**The list includes: Gaslight, The Beehive, Darryl’s Corner Bar & Kitchen, The Green Dragon, Tangerino, Flat Top Johnny’s, The Sinclair, The Pub (in Somerville) and that place that I’ve been to before in Harvard Square that is like a below level tavern that sells absinthe that I just want to go back to to have absinthe. The Route.


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