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I’ve always been about the DIY. If I can do something myself for cheaper than what it would cost for me to buy it off the shelf, I’m gonna do it myself. I have this idea for an art project, and I figured, it’s so simple, rather than comission someone to make it for me, I could probably just do it myself. Also, like most things that I just want to see exist, I probably wouldn’t care about it after a short while and perhaps I could con someone into thinking it was real art and sell it to them.


The piece, if you can’t tell from the crappy thumbnail I’ve provided, is a telephone receiver cut in half and mounted to a canvas or a piece of wood. Spray-painted onto the wood or canvas would be a red drizzle made to look like blood (like the phone was bleeding). The title for my “genius” one-of-a-kind work of art; Disconnected.

The idea behind it has several meanings; 1) the literal of being disconnected in the middle of a phone call, 2) also literal, the phone is cut in half and is thus disconnected from itself, and 3) that we as a society are becomeing less physically connected to one another and more distant, we are only connected through digital media, the start of which was the telephone.

this is the type of phone I want to gut.



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