If I haven’t already mentioned it, I am a big fan of the show “GIRLS” on HBO. At the beginning of every episode they do a different title-card color combination with the background in one color and the [GIRLS] font in another color. This gave me a great idea for merch to make for fans of the show. HBO (or I) could release a series of men’s and women’s t-shirts that represent each individual title-card color combination. This way fans could pick which color combo they like the best based on either the color combo itself or the episode it corresponds to.

I Like GIRLS - shirt

I feel like this must have been done already. It seems like something one could find at Urban Outfitters. Currently I have it mocked up with “I LIKE GIRLS” in Futura, however upon doing a bit of research I found that Neutraface is actually more accurate to the “GIRLS” typeface. Additionally I included the HBO logo on the back to make it definitive that it is a shirt meant to represent the show. However, I feel that the shirt could do without the logo on the back and just have an implied double meaning, rather than a blatant one.

More GIRLS things:

A thing about the GIRLS logo

A link to the HBO/GIRLS site

Sidenote: on the first of March, Christian came up with the brilliant idea to add the word “watching” to the shirt so it reads an even creepier: “I Like Watching GIRLS.”


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