“The Girl With…” Graphic Novel

For Christmas my friend Tyler got The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo graphic novel as a present. A few weeks ago (2/20), before going out to karaoke, I remembered he owned it and that he was borrowing a couple movies of mine (TRON and Midnight in Paris). So, I decided to ask for my things back and see if he’d let me borrowed the book.

Show nuff he did, and I read it the next day. It was a super quick read but when I got to the end I was pissed to find that it had been split into two parts. Volume 2 comes out on the 1st of May. The cool thing about reading it is that it seems to be closer to the original book, as details from the graphic novel are not in the movie. These details have helped better explain some of the plot points I was a bit murky on after watching the movie. I look forward to the release of Volume 2. Hopefully he gets it when it comes out and I can borrow that one too.


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