Enough Mudder

Well, it’s official, after a year of wanting to do this event, my dream of being a Tough Mudder has come to a sudden end. On the 14th of Feb I submitted my refund form to be taken off the list for this year’s Tough Mudder event and yesterday they sent me the conformation.

The end is met with mixed emotions. I am upset at the fact that it feels like I’ve giving up on something that could have been big and awesome and mightier than me. On the other hand, I’m relieved that I no longer have to participate in the event. It had shifted into something that I had to do rather than something I wanted to do. Besides, after my knee injury earlier this year (technically at the end of last year, but who’s counting) in addition to the fact that I had not been training AT ALL, this was probably for the best.

The opportunity to opt out came when I received an e-mail from TM saying that the New England event had, on the one hand, finally established a location (Gunstock Ski Resort), but on the other, because of this, had to push back the dates [from May 11th and 12th] to June 1st and 2nd. I e-mailed my buddy Izzy who was slated to take part in the event with me to see if he had gotten a chance to look at the TM e-mail and if it affected his ability to participate in the event. (Un)fortunately, the date change did affect his ability to participate in the event and, since I wasn’t going to participate in the event alone (and like I said, was dreading it, was not prepared, and liked the idea of getting my money back) saw my oppertunity to get out and took it.

I will not be a Tough Mudder, at least not this year.


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