The Sinclair, I Went

This past Friday the  crew and I were able to get together and go to The Sinclair. Upon arrival, it is instantly apparent that the exterior of the building was not always like that. There are stairs that lead to a patio and two doors to choose from. One that leads to the “kitchen” aka bar and a far one that leads to the box office/venue space. Unfortunately there was a show at the venue space, however, later in the night I asked the hostess if it is possible to check out the space when there isn’t a show, to which she said one could.

The Sinclair - overall viewPhoto courtesy of The Sinclair. The back left side of the photo is where we were all night.

Upon arrival, the first thing I did, naturally, was order a drink. Somehow, a little while back I had found out about Angry Orchard and since then have wanted to try it. As it turns out it was a good choice. In any case, we got settled in a found a spot against the sidewall, towards the back, near the bar where there was a counter where we could stand and put our drinks. We basically camped out there for the rest of the night.

The place was just as nice as I’d expected it to be. The light fixtures were modern looking, lightbulb coverd by ornate glassware. There was some treny looking art on the walls, some cool old looking framed photographs, black floors, dark wood tables and light wood stools. The bar was dark colored wood with white tiling along the front. Overall, black and white, metal, concrete and wood palette was very modern and upscale and trendy. Very Harvard square appropriate.

I almost forgot to mention, at one point in the night Christian went upstairs to see what it was/what was up there. As it turned out, it was just a quiet dining room. After having gone I would definitely go back. The whole night I was debating ordering food as their sliders looked incredible


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