Network A x Signal Snowboards x Italian Glass

Network A is, seemingly, some youtube channel that has cool extreme/action sports videos. Signal Snowboards is, apparently, a snowboard company. I’m surprised, since I ride, that I’ve never heard of them. Signal went to Italy to get a custom one-off glass snowboard made for them.

I don’t know if Signal and Network A are affiliated or if they just did this video together. I don’t know if Every Third Thursday is a Network A thing they do on their own, like a tri-weekly segment -regardless of topic- that may or may not be related to snowboards/snowboarding, if it’s a Signal thing, or if ETT is something that Network A does with Signal all the time.

Either way, as if I wasn’t already motivated to try and get to the slopes before the season is over, now I super motivated. Seeing this vid makes me want to ride.


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