While at EasternBoarder the other day (2/25), looking for a new winter jacket and snow-pants, I came across a company whose jackets I instantly loved. Their style matched with their branding (specifically their logo) were recognizably more fashionable than most of the typical brands you find at EB. The brand was called Holden and the jacket I fell in love with was the Tarquin (see below).

Holden Tarquin jacketYes, this is a jacket, not a button up shirt, it’s just made to look that way.

When I got home I was doing a bit of research about the jacket and the company.

The jacket: I got to their website and looked for an XS but unfortunately they were out of stock. Additionally, I was surprised to see that you couldn’t buy it directly off of their website, but instead, if the size and color you wanted was in stock, you had to buy it from a third party company/website. What is the deal with that? Bataleon does that too. Additionally though the jacket was listed at $180, when I changed it to the color I wanted (instead of the featured color, black), the price increased to $200! I e-mailed Holden to see if their jackets would go on sale for the spring/summer and though they didn’t say they would, they did send me a promo code for 20% off. I probably still won’t buy the coat, but it was a rad sentiment.

The company: The more I looked at the logo the more I realized it seemed like something that would have been at the Capsule show. I referenced big book of brands (represented at the show) that I  had gotten while at Capsule and show nuff, they were there. I hadn’t made a point to seek them out because I hadn’t heard of them yet, but, they were in fact there.

While at Eastern Boarder I saw a Signal Snowboard

Signal Snowboard at Eastern Boarder


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