Went Snowboarding

This past Saturday (3/9) I finally went for real. I was tight on cash but my dad found coupon/passes he had gotten at the Snow Sports Expo. The passes were for $39 lift tickets to Bolton Valley in Vermont and there were no restricted dates. Since we had never been there before, and since in this day in age 39 dollars is a steal, we decided to go.

Bolton Valley lift ticket

It was a bit of a hike taking us just over 3 hours to get up there. However the ride was very straight forward and starting at 5am, we dealt with no traffic. The mountain is medium sized and for that I would say that it wasn’t really worth the long drive. If we want to drive for 3 hours, we’ll go to Killington or Sunday River where there are Hundreds of trails to choose from. That being said, the mountain wasn’t bad.

It was divided into three sections and each had its own vibe. The center was the busiest but had the most diverse terrain and accessed two terrain parks. The left side was mostly wide* glades and some beginner runs. The right was the quietest and the runs were pretty average, not much diversity. Like I said, it wasn’t a bad mountain and the day was great, sunny and decent snow conditions, I just wouldn’t drive that far to go to a mountain that average.

—Terrain Parks:

Small Park- there was a kitty terrain park (just my speed) that had two jumps, a C- box, a straight box, a flat/down kink box, a round rail and a step up bar. I did a few tricks over the jumps; a tweak, a stalefish, and the piece de resistance, a backside 180 indy. Additionally I did a backside board-slide on the straight box and the flat/down kink box. At the end of the day I 50-50ed the C-box and cleared the step up bar.

Big Park- almost every element was too big for me to want to hit however, I did hit three. The first was an up/flat/down kinked box that I did a backside board-slide on. The next was a 25 or 30 foot rainbow box that I also did a backside board-slide on. And lastly was an A-frame box that I board-slid most of before hopping off the side.

*Although apparently not wide enough as I still managed to hit my head on a tree.

I was going through the glades and I saw a rock jump. “I can do that” I thought. Upon landing I couldn’t maneuver between two trees quick enough and had to wrap my left arm around one of them to stop myself from getting out of control. Not only did this hurt my arm, but the sudden stop made me fall on my ass and smack my head into the tree. Thank god for helmets or I’d be shaking hands with Sonny Bono.


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