2 Bike Related Things

A few days ago, while browsing through YouTube vids, I found this sweet doc called Brussels Express: Bike Messengers. The documentary talks about the excessive traffic in Brussels, how the problem is dealt with (or not dealt with) in the city,  and how bike messengers are the quickest form of delivery. There are a lot of interesting points made in this well shot video. I wanted to embed it in this post but for whatever reason that feature was disabled for that video.

However, under related videos, I found this one from the same YouTube channel. It follows a of a small group of cyclist compiled to take a trip from London to Paris, in order to arrive in time to catch the Tour de France. Above is part 2 of the London to Paris video because for some reason it was the only one that I was allowed to embed. Click here for part 1. Regardless of my embedding problems, I still highly recommend you check these vids out.


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