St. Patties Day

Because it is Saint Patties Day, Mount Snow in Vermont has $17 lift tickets! Compared to their usual $83 price, this is a steal. When my dad and I got up there I was surprised to find that it was not the “spring” day I was hoping it would be. The weather was cold and very windy, making me even colder. Early on in the day I even had to stop so that I could warm up my toes.

The snow was in kinda shitty condition -a rare miss for Mt. Snow- and we only found a few good trails that were in decent condition. Towards the end of the day I found their terrain parks and though most of the elements were way too big and scary for me to try, I did surprise myself and attempt a few things. The two most noteworthy were a rainbow box and a whale tail box.

Junkyard-Rainbow-Box-e1358259333263-764x1024The rainbow box; photo borrowed from Mt. Snow dot com

The rainbow box was about 6 feet high and about 15 or 20 feet long. From the chair it didn’t look too bad but upon approach it looked huge and nearly vertical, that’s how steep it was. Unfortunately I approached with not enough speed and came to a stop at the top of the element. This was probably for the best as what started out as a 50-50 had begun to turn into a frontside board-slide, which I would have undoubtedly fucked up.

So, now I was teetering on the edge of this very high rainbow box not knowing what to do. I started to loose my balance and decided to jump off of it. The tail of my board broke most of my fall but I hurt my wrist trying to arrest the fall even further. It was NBD and comes with the territory of trying something new. I was still proud of the attempt considering I didn’t see anyone else even go near it.

IMG_1052-764x1024Roller coaster/whale tail box; photo borrowed from Mt. Snow dot com

The whale tail or roller coaster box, as it was called, was a lot easier. When I got to it, I sat and looked at it, waiting to drop in until there was almost no one around. When I got to it I just hit it straight on, 50-50 and all I had to do was pop off the end. The sketchiest part was the landing because there was a big drop and it was icy but it was really no problem for me. I was just glad I didn’t pussy out.

Later, I met back up with my dad and before heading back to the side of the mountain we had started on, we did about 6 runs through this kiddie park we found. I felt like such a pro hitting the rainbow rail, crooked grinding the flat rail, throwing down backside 180s and 180 indys over the small kickers.

The cool thing was that the small park gave me confidence to try more things and I was able to do my first somewhat successful frontside board-slide on this low 10 foot long box. I say somewhat because my technique was really shitty. Later I landed a backside 180 tweak. This was the first time I ever landed an backside 180 with a backside grab.

St. Patrick’s Day aka bar hopping when I get home: This didn’t end up happening because even though we cut out early, around 1:35, and got home early, around 5, I was still really tired and went to bed for “just a nap” at 7pm. I didn’t wake up till 1am which that is why it is now 2:14 (3/18) and I am writing this update. It’s just as well as my friend, who was supposed to call me to go out to some bars, didn’t end up calling me.

Irish Shanty: I wanted to sing it at a bar but as you just read, I didn’t end up going out. However, I did finally post it on YouTube.

The backstory of this song is as follows: One night while at college, I came back to an empty dorm room, sat down at my desk and started to sing a song. I really liked where it was going and wanted to remember it so I opened up Garageband and hit record. The song was completely improvised and was done sober, believe it or not.

Urban Adventours: this is happening tomorrow (well technically later today since I’m writing this at 2:21am on the 18th). Long story short, at this exact date last year I was set to go for a job interview there [here] but didn’t end up going because I was too tired from the previous night’s St. Patties Day activities. So “tomorrow,” at 2:30pm, I am slated for another interview. If I get the position, I will be a bicycle tour guide to Boston tourists or locals that want to go on a bike tour of the city.


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