Music News: Wolfmother

On Monday the 11th, while giving my sister a ride to the train station, she had told me that Wolfmother had posted something about a new song. This lead me to do some hardcore Googling when I got home.

Andrew Stockdale - Keep Moving (front cover)


Andrew Stockdale - Keep Moving (back cover)

The facts are these:

-On December 17 a YouTube video was released which leaked a few of the tracks for the upcoming album. At the time it was still thought that the album would be released under the Wolfmother name. The title was apparently going to be Gatherings. I don’t know how official this is/was.

-On March 7th the album was leaked onto Soundcloud but has since been taken down.

-Also as of March 7th you have been able to listen to “Long Way To Go” -the first track on the album- on Stockdale’s Tumblr. You can also Google the title and listen to it on YouTube.

-Andrew Stockdale is releasing the album under his name, not under Wolfmother

-The album will be titled “Keep Moving”

-The album is slated to release on March 25, 2013 (we’ll see)

This album has come out of “I don’t know what” field. I used to check the Wolfmother site somewhat regularly but I stopped because they were no longer posting any news. It is a bit unexpected but nevertheless I’m pumped to see what the record is going to sound like. I refuse to listen to the leaked material so we’ll have to wait until the 25th for a review.

PS Obv No End by Daft Punk was not released on the 13th. Further reading has lead me to believe we might have to wait until May.


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