VANS Store Grand Opening

Last week I heard on the radio something about a Vans store opening at the Burlington Mall. Additionally the ad said something about a free shirt. I went down there to check it out, but when I told an employee, he had no idea what I was talking about. Cut to the next day and my Mum heard the same ad I had, only she got the details. The official grand opening was set for the 16th.

free VANS shirt

So, this past Saturday before work, I went down to the Burlington Mall at 9:40am and waited outside the Vans store with one other dude. At 10 they opened up. I walked in, the guy opened the box, asked me what size, and tossed me a shirt. I didn’t need one, but you can’t beat free.

—Later that day

My friend’s band, Sharp Shadows, played a show at Cantab Lounge in Central Square. I helped opened their set with a cover of My United States of Whatever.

It was a sweet show and it was good to see everyone again and just hang out.


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