Biltwell x VNM

While looking at the Good Things Come to Those Who Hate patch on VNM a bunch of months ago, I noticed this rad helmet.

Upon looking at their blog I saw a couple more helmets. Then, upon buying the CL 350, I started thinking about what kind of helmet to get. As I posted back in January, I really like Ruby helmets, but I can’t afford to justify a one-thousand-dollar helmet purchase at my newbie riding status. You have to earn something like that. However, that’s not to say that I couldn’t find a similar helmet style.

Cut to me being a genius and deciding that I would buy a flat black Biltwell helmet and then commission my friend Lexy to paint it for me in a similar style to that of the VNM helmets. Not sure yet if/when this will go down, but if it does, I’ll for sure be posting about it.


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