T Shirt Store

Aight, so a wa-hile ago I wrote a post about The BBC America show The Nerdist. Cut to the 24th and my sister informs me that in May she is going to London to visit a friend. This puts a lightbulb in my head of things that I want[ed] to see the next time I go to London.


I thus began to search through the digital lists I have on my computer, one of which I knew contained Things I Want To Do The Next Time I’m In England. However, to my surprise -unless it is on another list I have yet to find- past Kyle had let me down and not written down the name of the store I had found out about on The Nerdist.

So, I had to start from scratch, Googling things until finally I found The T Shirt Store, of which -apparently- there are many. Basically it is a physical location that sells quirky or funny t-shirts. From what I remember of The Nerdist episode I just seemed really cool and now I want her to go there.


Upon looking through the site I stumbled upon the fact that this store totally has the hoodie from Prometheus that Christian and I had been searching for. The brand is MADE and the style or model is called the Helium.

MADE. Helium

Andrew Stockdale Keep Moving Update

According to wikipedia, Keep Moving was supposed to be released as a digital download in Australia this past Monday. So, even if it had come out, I still wouldn’t have been able to get it. Now however, the date has been pushed back to May 31st in Australia, June 3rd the UK, and June 4th in the US. It would actually be really cool if this ends up being the case because that would mean that the US release would fall on my birthday!

Note To Self: in addition to the T Shirt Store, visit Forbidden Planet comic book/ prop / nerd / geek shop next time you’re in London.


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