Iron & Air

While on the Dime City Cycles blog, I saw a poster that I loved the design of. Towards the bottom was a bunch of sponsors for the event being advertised, one of which was for a magazine called Iron & Air. Intrigued, I googled them and went to their website. From what I could tell it was a high quality print magazine dedicated to Cafe’s and Bobbers.

eight_bannerBorrowed w/o permission from Iron & Air dot com

Instantly I began to look into getting a copy of the mag for myself. Since I already feel greedy buying all the parts for the bike (which is somehow made worse by the fact that I’m buying them online; go figure) I didn’t want to buy the magazine from their website, it just seemed silly. Instead, I wanted to find an actual retail location from which I could procure a copy. As fate (or whatever) would have it, the one Massachusetts location listed that carried the magazine was located in the next town over from me, in Wakefield.

The place was a motorcycle shop that I would have never known existed (my many cafe googlings have yeilded no results of them) had it not been for me finding out about this magazine. And, I would have never found out about the magazine if I’d never taken a closer look at the DCC poster. What a series of fortunate events!

—The Magazine—

Yesterday I went down to Don Hutchinson Cycle (the Wakefield motorcycle shop) and picked up a copy of Issue #7. I was blown away with what I found inside:

1) The photography is beautiful. It is much better than your average “off the shelf” magazine and shows clear and concise thought and attention to detail.
2) The layout and typography: both of these far surpass most mainstream magazines. Coming from a graphic design background, I think in visuals and I want you and the aforementioned photography, combined with the type and the layout make an excellent combination.
3) The content: the fact that it follows a bike scene that I am hoping to join this upcoming season. The cafe scene, the bobber scene, and the custom scene; it is exactly what I was looking for. Much better than even Cafe Racer magazine.
4) The small independent vibe: right from the get go, the letter from the editor at the beginning of the magazine adds to a home grown personal feel that I love.
5) The location: the fact that they are not in LA, not in NY, but right in New Hampshire, the next state over from me, makes me very happy.

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