MUSE: Live At The Boston Garden

A red Bruce Lee/Kill Bill unitard, a knee powerslide, compressed air plumes, House of the Rising Sun, and The Star Spangled Banner; all things you would have seen and heard had you too been at the Muse concert last night. The show was pretty crazy and there’s too much for me to go into, however, I’m going to point out and better explain the highlights of the show.

To start, my sister and I were in the third row, on the far left side, on the floor. Compared to bieng at the opposite end of the arena in seats the last time we saw Muse (3/6/10), this was an improvement. Additionally, though they didn’t have the same crazy stage setup with the three raising and lowering towers, they did have this cool pyramid (see beginning of the video) thing that went up and down and had screens on it.

As to to the aforementioned unitard, towards the end of the show, during the song Uprising, the pyramid came down over Dom and Chris and when it went up again, Dom wearing a red version of the Bruce Lee/Uma Thurman unitard. It was silly and cool.

During one of the first songs, Matt did one of his famous powerslides while shredding on guitar.

Matt at Piano

During the intro to the song Unsustainable there were plumes of smoke and compressed air akin to that of pyrotechnics that typically accompany metal and rock shows.

Chris with leather jacket

Before the song Time is Running Out, Matt played the intro to House of the Rising Sun (4:41 in the video). I thought for sure they were going to go into it as it is a song they’ve done on a B-sides CD, but alas it was just a teaser.

Before the song Panic Station, Matt played a shortened version of the Star Spangled banner (1:11 in the video).

Other cool moments include:

Overall Stage

Matt being about 3 feet away from us and almost touching our hands when he came off the stage during one of the last songs.

Pyramid screens

Matt spinning around and later -purposely- knocking over one of the amps.

Matt playing with light

Matt playing with and distorting the laser lights as well as the crazy lights and lasers that were happening on their own.

Matt with purple lasers

Matt scrapping the neck of his guitar on the inside edge of the pyramid while they were playing out the end of one of the songs.



MattAnd lastly, one of the coolest things, during the song Madness (3:53 in the video), Matt was wearing these sunglasses that had LEDs behind the lenses that showed the lyrics to the song in them.

Muse Setlist

Sidenote: one of the last songs The Garden played before Muse came on was Planisphere by Justice! So unexpected but so cool.


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