Don Hutchinson Cycle

The other day, like I mentioned in my Iron and Air post, I went to Don Hutchinson Cycle in Wakefield. I basically just went there solely to pick up the mag, however, I also wanted to see what stuff they had there and what stuff they did.

Don Hutchinson Cycle - screen shot

Their website was pretty misleading. For one it was really well done, but for another, it made it seem like it was a nice, large, motorcycle shop with a bunch of employees, leather jackets hanging on racks, and display cases with helmets in them.

Instead, it was this dinky little shop with some motorcycles cramped in there. The actual facility, which I later got a tour of from Don himself, was actually huge. It was the whole basement floor of this sketchy old industrial building in some back alley in Wakefield. There wasn’t even a sign out front and in fact, I had to come back after stopping by once because I didn’t know where the entrance was, Don had to tell me over the phone.

Now I really don’t mean to shit on this place. Don was nice, super chatty,* but nice, and the shop does some cool stuff like sandblasting, powder coating, and custom paint. It just wasn’t as refined as I expected it to be.

*If you go, be sure to allot more time than you think to accomplish what you want. If it’s not too busy, like it was the day I went, Don will talk for hours about “the old days.” If it is busy, like it was when I first came in, you’ll be ignored.

One guy came in looking to buy a bike. Now this you’d think would take proiity, a big sale and everything. No, Don, basically ignored him the entire time and the guy eventually left after patiently standing around for about 10 minutes.

I guess what you need is to be really assertive.


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