“It Came, It Finally Came!”

It came, it finally came!” This past Saturday night, I finally took delivery of my 1972 Honda CL350. If you’re wondering why it took “so long” for me to post about it, that’s because by the time I got it, around 9pm, it was too late to get good pics of it. Also because I was waiting for Pete to use his DSLR to shoot it.*


Pete shot this after we finished working on the bike for the night this past Monday. He had graciously come over after work to help me put on, or at least find the position for, my “clubman” handlebars. Without him I would have been completely lost. He is much more fearless about these things than I am, and at least has a sense of what he is doing.

Besides taping up the headlight to make the bike look more like a cafe racer, and (also with Pete’s help) taking off one of the reflectors, this was the first big step I have been able to take in converting the bike into a cafe racer. It’s amazing how this small change makes the bike look completely different and that much more sleek.

Actually having the bike is a strange new reality for me. The weight of what I’ve undertaken has truly begun to sink in. Before I could just dream about driving it and building it. Now I actually have to do it. It’s more so that I need to gain my confidence around the bike. Feel comfortable knowing how all the parts run and work together. Getting physically strong enough to man handle and maneuver the bike, rather than it taking control of me.

However, on Sunday, I had a eureka moment when I looked up a vid about how to properly put a bike onto a center stand, and, after watching it, was able to do so. It was a stupid little feat, but now I feel like I can do anything.

*A proper photo shoot will come at a later date. Probably once the weather gets warmer and more has been done to the bike.


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