One Year Anniversary

I did it. I made it a year. I accomplished (or at least I’m pretty sure I did, I didn’t go back and double check) my goal of posting 1 post a day for an entire year. To celebrate/comemorate, I decided to post links to the top 10 posts I posted in this, my last post of the year. A veritable “clips” episode of a sitcom.

1. Hi Wheel Unleashed – a good overview of me riding the hi wheel through Boston

2. Nahant Adventure – a fairly well written post about a fairly epic bike ride

3. Steam Machine – my account of the Steam Punk festival in Waltham; hope that you will check out my other posts about the Steam Punk Fest

4. Now, Please. Jump to Chapter One. – my review of the book Invisible Monsters Remix; I liked the way the post was written

5. MTTS Compilation – I thought Mini Takes the States was pretty cool, significant, interesting

6. More Photography – I wanted a chance to show off my photography skills

7. Girl Talk – a solid concert with cool visuals

8. Justice Was Served – see description above

9. (Capsule) Show: The Show – a pretty cool weekend in New York

10. My Cafe Build – an interesting post for me to reference as well as contains cool bikes and bike parts. It also ties in to what is currently going on in my life.

The number system is based, not on the order of how good or how much better any one post is than another, but merely based on the order that I wrote them in. The criteria I used for picking these top 10 were; what events I felt were the most significant, and which ones I felt would be the most visually pleasing, as I know people don’t like to read. A couple posts went outside of this criteria, namely #2 and #4 because I liked or was particularly proud of how they were written.

Since I achieved my goal, (granted I had to cheat a lot and stray away from the hi wheel theme) I am going to be posting a lot less. I will probably only post one thing per week, or whatever I feel like posting whenever I feel like posting something. I’d rather strive for quality posts as opposed to having a consistent number or high volume of posts.

As it is this blog strayed pretty far from it’s original intention, which was to “chronicle my journey with my Penny Farthing bicycle.” I don’t really even know why I chose to do a “bike blog.” It’s not like I’m a super hardcore bicyclist, I just like bikes and biking at a pretty conservative level.

This basically was a social experiment to see what reaction I would get from handing out business cards while on my bike. Granted, like I said, its meaning evolved over this past year of blogging, which isn’t a bad thing, but merely a thing.

I have enjoyed bringing you Content over the past three-hundred and sixty-five days. I look forward to bringing you more interesting Content in a more relaxed, less “homework” like setting.

To all of you who joined me and will continue to follow me on this ride, Thank You.


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