Tested Dot Com

No, this is not like right before you go to have sex with someone and ask, “Have you been tested?” This is much nerdier than that. Basically Tested is a website and a YouTube Channel that talks about cool science-ey and technology-ey things.

The video that introduced me to their existence was the one below about a flight simulator a man built in his garage using the cockpit from a retired Boeing 737. This probably only appealed to me because I am a plane spotting nerd, just like this guy who used to be on Doctor Who.

However, I watched a few of the related videos -one about the two hosts taking apart Adam Savage’s iPad, and one about a prop replica Adam is building in his mancave– and they are really cool.

Tested is like the internet’s version of Mythbusters. Most of Tested’s vids are hosted by these two other dudes who aren’t Adam or Jamie; an Asian guy and a white guy, the later of which looks eerily similar to Adam. However, Jamie and Adam are also featured in some of the videos.

PS Happy May the 4th be with you!


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