Vampire Weekend: Live at the Agganis Arena

Last night I saw Vampire Weekend live for the first time. It’s crazy to think that it’s over already because I’ve had the tickets since February. The show was pretty good.

On the plus side, my seat was great.

On the negative side, they only played for an hour! That feels like a gyp considering most bands I see play for at least 2. They could have bumped it up to an hour and a half at least. It’s not like they ran out of material.

On the plus side they played almost everyting I wanted to hear. I mean they don’t really have anything that I hate, just some songs that I skip. I would have wished they played The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance, M79, Diplomat’s Son, and/or Taxi Cab. They did however play Ladies of Cambridge, which was sort of unexpected, but I could have gone without hearing I Stand Corrected (which was also random and unexpected and of the aforementioned that I don’t particularly care for).

On the negative side, the had some minor technical difficulties that interfered with the show towards the beginning.

According to the set-list online, VW played Mansard Roof, then Run. However, according to how my camera numbered the files/the time it says they were recorded, I have them in reverse order. Sorry if these two songs are in fact out of order in my last two vids.

Overall though it was a fun show. They played well and I enjoyed what I saw. It was a bit lackluster in terms of energy, just them playing music with some lights. Not really suited for such a big venue, and again, a bit short. But, for free (as an early birthday present) I’ll take it.

Vampire Weekend - Setlist

This was another thing that sort of bothered me. Not bothered me per se but I feel could have been done better. Open the show with cousins? Put A-punk in the middle of the set? It’s like they’d never done a show before. They should have opened with Diane Young. The encore should have opened with Horchata and then gone into A-Punk followed by Cousins.

On the plus side, we were the first show they played after the release of this new album, which is cool.

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