Urban Bicycle Adventures

Returning to my roots. Initially, when I started this blog, I thought about how cool it would be to do some posts visiting places around the world and meeting people via the hi wheel. Something akin to Anthony Bordain’s: The Layover. I could bike through specific cities, giving my own version of a tour, and also take cool shots of the hi wheel in iconic places.


Now however, that idea has shifted and morphed. There are several cities around the world that pop out to me as either, bike cities (Amsterdam, Seattle), cities I’ve always wanted to visit anyway (Tokyo, Sydney) and cities that I just think would be fun, yet kinda dangerous, to bike (New York, San Francisco).

The idea I came up with is to make an internet series where I go to these cities (not with my hi wheel, because it’s just not practical, but with the fixie I keep saying I’m going to buy) and simply bike through them, perhaps with a friend or two, chronicling riding through the streets using Go Pros, as well as hitting up noteworthy bars and giving some historical info (stopped and shot with DSLRs) at famous landmarks along the way.

I figured it would make the most sense to start in my own back yard and shoot our first episode in Boston this summer. All I need now is the fixie I keep saying I’m going to buy, and a crew that’s willing to help me shoot this. They not only have to be willing but also be interested in the project.

The following is a list of “Adventures” I feel is doable this summer:

Boston: My Own Backyard (Episode 1)

-Boston (proper +)





—Mini Episodes—

Nahant Adventure: Part 2

Early Ride from Melrose to Rockport/Gloucester

Northern Strand Community Trail

Bike to the Sea (event in Malden June 2nd)

New York: The Five Boroughs


-Manhattan (Greenich village, Soho, Harlem ,all the bits featured in that ep of Project Runway (yes I”ve seen Project Runway))


-The Bronx

-Staten Island

Additionally, here are a few cities that I want to feature in other later episodes. The only prob is, I don’t have the kind of money where I can go out and just afford to fly to these places with a crew and just film there:

San Francisco








What I think might end up happening, if this scheme gets off the ground -cause lets face it, most of mine don’t, I just get excited about them for a bit, then get bored and give up- but, if this scheme gets off the ground perhaps I would just bring my bike along with me while going to these places when I eventually go on vacation to them, rather than set out to hit all these quickly over the course of a couple years (which would be ideal).

PS could serve as a guide to/for cyclists, not just tourists, to highlight cool bike paths and routes in different cities utilizing local talent/knowledge. Lastly, though, it should be funny, or rather, have some humor, like, “Here we are in Allston, the Hispter capitol of New England” said in a Steve Irwin accent.


Like Urban Adventours (which I may have mentioned in an earlier post that do bicycle tours of Boston), Duvine Cycling + Adventure Co. does vacation trips that specialize in doing bike tours in different parts of the world.


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