Frances Ha

The other night I went to Frances Ha with a friend. I liked it.

A few of the lines felt very line-ey. Like for example the “trying to establish a character trait” thing they did with the character Benji (Michael Zengen; Boardwalk Empire, How To Make It In America) by having him say “Un-dateable” to Frances every time she did something un-appealing. It was a little obvious and annoying.

The movie is fairly plain, but then again, so is life. This helped the movie to feel honest and genuine and real. That was simultaneously  cool and scary. Cool because it made the film more relatable but scary because it felt so real and so close to home.

Though the main character in the movie is female and older than me (by only 3 years), I still felt to a degree like I was watching my own misguided life on the screen. Then again, I felt that way when I watched the original Spider-Man back in 2002, and I in no way have super powers or a crush on the girl next door*, so go figure.

In any case I guess that’s the point of most movies, to connect with the audience and on this front it was successful. Additionally, the movie was quite funny. Not laugh out super-loud funny, but chuckle funny here and there throughout the duration. Also, the acting is very solid by all but especially by the main actress Greta Gerwig, whom I wouldn’t be surprised to see nominated for some sort of award in the indie circuit. Overall a worthwhile waste of $11.25.

*That would be creepy, she’s like 15.

PS It reminded me of HBO’s Girls which isn’t too much of a stretch considering that a) it takes place (mostly) in New York and b) because Adam Driver who plays the character “Adam” in Girls is also in Frances Ha.

PPS The soundtrack is really good too.


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  1. Good review. It’s a sweet movie that made me happy to live a life that will hopefully be as random but successful as Frances’. Maybe.

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