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I am presenting this to you just as it was presented to me. I was on YouTube the other day and I was looking for a video to watch. Remembering it was Tuesday, I looked for the latest Petrolicious vid (as he posts a new one every Tuesday). I saw a vid with a car in it and, assuming it was his latest, clicked. To my surprise it was not a vid by Petrolicious but instead a GoPro helmet cam vid of some bloke in London who rides around on a crotch rocket. Apparently it was one of the “Recommended Videos” YouTube had chosen for me. This was a happy accident because even though it was not what I thought it was going to be, it turned me on to something new.

Barron Von Grumble as he calls himself is a rather amusing twat. This vid, the one I’ve posted was, I thought, quite funny. I really love feel of being in downtown London traffic alongside the Barron, and with his witty commentary, it makes it even more enjoyable. I have only delved into a few of his other vids but every one I’ve watched, I’ve liked. It really inspires me to start that Urban Bicycle Adventures video series that I mentioned wanting to start a  few posts ago. All I need now is a helmet and a GoPro.


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