My stickers are here! They arrived to-day!

BvG_Sticker It looks “fuzzy” becuase I still have the protective, semi-transparent top layer on it.

I ordered stickers from Baron Von Grumble, the YouTube vlogger guy I Recommended For You a couple posts ago, on the fourth of July and they finally came! The three stickers (2 BvG; one black (pictured above ) and one white, and a Vlog Him! sticker) weren’t cheap* but, for the quality, I think it was totally worth it.

*Combined, the three stickers cost me twenty-three US dollars. Now you might be thinking, “Are you mad? Twenty-three dollars for three bloody stickers, you must be mental.” Well, perhaps I am, but here is the breakdown. The Baron was/is selling each of the BvG stickers for “a fiver” in the UK.

Now when you think about it, 5 pounds for a sticker is pretty expensive, but, considering he’s not some big corporation that orders a shit-load [of stickers] for very little money and, regardless of that, doesn’t have to worry about wether or not they make money on stickers, 5 pounds is actually not bad.

Then, when you consider the exchange rate and the 1 pound for shipping to the US, the approximate 15 quid turns into a somewhat ridiculous sounding 23 dollars.


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