Mission Accomplished

I set out this morning on a mission. The goal was simple; place one of my business cards on the windshield of a right hand drive, British Racing Green, classic Mini Cooper with a Union Jack on the roof. On the card I wrote, “Call me if you want to sell your car.”

The Cooper in question is located in Marblehead, an apparent 15.4 mile bike ride from my house; the total trip was 30.58 miles. I had seen the Cooper about a week or two ago on a little day trip my sister and I took to the area. It was/is parked on the sidewalk, next to a house and looks like it hasn’t been driven in a while. My thought is that if the owner isn’t using it, why not sell it to someone who will.

Now I play the waiting game. I feel like perhaps I should have stuck another in the driver side window. Maybe they won’t notice it on their windshield if they never drive the car. I guess it’s really no big deal either way. I certainly don’t need the car and who knows if the guy or gal even wants to sell it. Even if they do, who knows if it runs, how many miles it has, and what they would want for it.

The funny thing is that right as I was making my way in to downtown Marblehead, I passed by a 1983 Mercedes 380SL for sale. Why is this relevant? Well, ever since seeing one in the season finale of Girls I have wanted one. On top of that, there is an episode of Fast and Loud where Richard buys a 1967 280SL. That car is even prettier. On top of that there is a red 280SL on the Fellsway that I pass all the time on the way to work. Oddly enough, earlier this month I was going to do the same thing -the business card thing- to that car.

On the way home I passed the Family United Methodist Church. There, there were people standing out front passing out free bottled water; I guess cause it was hot or to be “good Christians.” I had seen them on the way to Marblehead but they were on the other side of the street and I already had a water bottle filled with water in my backpack. However, on the way back I had a good pace going and didn’t want to stop to get the water bottle out of my bag, so, when I passed them by, I grabbed a bottle. Umm, that was good, refreshing, soul cleansing “church water” or “Jesus water,” whatever’s funnier. It must have been “God’s will” that I pass that church.

*Eyes roll*

On the bottle it said, “Are you thirsty? Jesus is the water of life; John 4:14,” in both English and Spanish. It also had the church’s logo on the label.

Once home I found, to my pleasant surprise, both Chicken and Waffles and Cheesy Bread flavored Lays potato chips. Two of the three finalist flavors from the contest they had run several months ago. We had never been able to find them in stores and thus hadn’t been able to try them. I have no idea where my Mom found them, but they were both very tasty.

On top of that, my left rear view mirror for my motorcycle arrived. If you don’t remember, back in March I had ordered a left rear view mirror for my bike but Dime City Cycles  sent me a right one. No worries, I was going to have to buy a right one eventually, I just didn’t have the money for both at the time. However, when I was ready to buy a left one and went to look on their site for one, they were sold out. I put my name on an e-mail list to be notified when they came back in stock, but no e-mail came.

Last week I decided to check their website but when I clicked the link for the mirror I got an error message that the link was dead. I sent an e-mail to DCC asking if they had any in stock. Sure enough they did and fortunately, they were willing to send it to me. So, finally I have both a left and a right rear view mirror.

This ride had several purposes: the Mini, a means of wasting time before work, and to avenge my wasted yesterday, (I basically did nothing all day yesterday).

Mission Accomplished!


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