Patience Is A Virtue(?)

So, today I finally received my second shipment of Hazard Orange, Biltwell Gringo helmet(s). Why is it the second? Well, in short because I’m a fuckin idiot who ordered a Medium instead of an Extra Small, even though I know damn well that when it comes to pretty much anything I buy, smaller is the way to go.


But that’s not even the shittiest part. It started on June 24th with me sending an e-mail complaint to Biltwell, about how all the dealers listed on their website are bogus. Basically none of them sell Biltwell helmets, even though they’re listed as dealers. I didn’t want to order a helmet online because I like trying shit on, especially helmets, because my head is so damn small and it’s pretty damn important that your helmet fits correctly.

In any case, I got two responses. The first was a generic, we’re sorry but there’s nothing we can do. The second was from a gal named Kenzie, easily the most competent employee at Biltwell. She was super nice, understanding, informative, and sympathetic. She apologized about the whole dealer thing and told me that the smaller sizes for the Gringos should arrive no later than July 18.

Cut to every single day leading up to the 18th and me checking the Biltwell website at least once, but usually twice a day. Cut to the 18th and, as I expected, the XS, S, and Ms had not yet arrived. Cut to the 20th and I sent yet another e-mail to Kenzie (we had had a big back and forth correspondence and this was going to be one of my last e-mails to her; or so I thought). Her response came on the 22nd telling me they expected arrival of the smaller sizes “by the end of next week.”

Needless to say I was pissed because I had already waited so long, and now I was going to have to wait another two weeks! Good news came the next day when I received another e-mail from Kenzie informing me that they had received a shipment of XS – M in both Black and Hazard Orange. I instantly put in an order, and then, the waiting game began… again.

I literally was giving myself headaches over the helmet. It wasn’t just the wait, but it was the anxiety of not knowing whether or not the size-M I had stupidly ordered was going to fit me.


Cut to Tuesday the 30th, the delivery date for the size-M. Naturally I had to work that day and naturally the helmet arrived while I was at work so I had to wait until after I got home to try it on. So, after working the longest and possibly shittiest four hour shift of my life, I came home to a motorcycle helmet that was… surprise, surprise, too big for me.

Instantly  I sent an e-mail to Kenzie asking what my next move should be. She suggested that, if I had the money, I should order both the Small and the Extra Small so that I could try them both on and see which one fit best.

This is exactly what I did. I went online and ordered both a size Small and an Extra Small, and even paid the absurd shipping price to have it 3-day shipped to my house. (Normally I can wait for things, plus I’m usually too cheap to pay extra for faster shipping, but after a month+ of waiting, you go a little crazy).

Cut to today, August 1st, and both the Small and Extra Small arrived in a big box. Upon trying them both on, the Extra Small, Hazard Orange, Biltwell Gringo helmet emerged victorious.


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  1. Very cool retro style…

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