Warby Parker

So, for a long time now I have seen ads for an eyeglass company that sells new frames and lenses for $100. That company is Warby Parker. I have been interested in getting a new pair of glasses ever since my Ray Bans got stepped on at a Black Keys concert back in March of 2012.

Luckily I also wear contacts (although sometimes it’s nice to give your eyes a break and wear glasses) and luckily I was able to get the frame bent back into shape, but still they aren’t 100%. Plus my prescription has definitely changed since then.

So, I thought that I would just get the lenses replaced, but, it turns out that would cost something like $300! So, a new pair of lenses and frames -for a third of the price of what it would cost to just get new lenses- was starting to sound really good.


Cut to the other day and while watching TV I saw yet another ad for WP. I had checked their website way back when, and though they had a Newbury Street location listed on their site, upon visiting Newbury Street (back then) it appeared to be closed. However, seeing the commercial peaked my interest and so I checked the web one more time. Turns out, they do have a Newbury location, it had merely moved further down the street.

So today, as you can see by the picture above, I visited the Boston location to try on a few pairs of glasses. I wanted to see if they had any I liked or any that would fit my tiny face. Above are the finalists for what I might end up buying. I have an eye doctor appointment at the end of the month and after I get my new prescription, I might pay WP another visit.

What I’m asking from you all is, what pair do you feel looks the best on me? Don’t let my choice (#5) have any influence over you; although #3 is also a strong contender. I want your honest opinion even if your opinion is that all of them are way too big for my tiny face.


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