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The other day, my sister sent me a picture text that I could not see very well because I still have a crappy flip phone and the image was too small. So last night I remembered to ask her what it was. Turns out it was a picture of the front of a building she had passed in Faneuil Hall while walking to work. The building in question, Frost Ice Bar!

gallery“Photo gallery” stolen from their website.

The reason this is relevant to me is that back in 2010, while I was in Orlando for Star Wars Celebration V, I was planning to go the Ice Bar located down the street from our hotel on International Drive. I had heard about it on the Travel Channel a few months before the trip. Unfortunately, when my friends and I got down to Florida, none of them wanted to go with me. I decided to venture out on my own one night only to be refused access due to a private function going on that night. So, ever since then it has been in the back of my mind to go there the next time I’m in Orlando.

Now however, I don’t have to wait until the next time I’m in Orlando because I’ll have one in my own backyard. It’s not cheap, prices listed on their website show ~$20 for admission and a blanket alcoholic drink price of $11. I realize that it is touristy and expensive and lame, but I still want to go. Who wouldn’t want to grab a drink on Hoth or in Mr. Freeze’s evil layer? No word yet on when it’s going to open, but when it does I am going to try and make my way down there.


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