York Beach Maine

Monday 8/26 – Day 1

At around 5pm, me and Pete left for The Villager Motel that his family owns in York Beach, Maine. We were going up there because our friend, Nashville Tom (the one who we met during Mini Takes the States with the “clone cooper;” same color scheme as Pete’s), was coming down from Quebec (after having gone there from Jersey to run a half marathon) to hang out with us for a few days during his time off from work.

Upon our arrival at the motel, we greeted Tom in the parking lot, and, after getting settled into our room, drove -unnecessarily- down the road to Guac and Roll, a Mexican restaurant. After eating our dinner and flirting with the cute waitress Bree, we went to the nearby convenience store and bought a 12 pack of Sam Adams – The Harvest Collection.

After grabbing that we went back to the motel and drank and chatted on the balcony. After talking for a while we walked down to the the beach and drew some immature things on the sand. A short while later we went back to the room, chilled, and watched TV. Soon however, we decided we needed snacks, so it was back to Tom’s Mini for a short drive to a gas station to grab some junk food.

Once back at the room we chilled and watched some TV. Tom, who had had a longer day than Pete and I, decided to go to bed. As he turned in, me and Pete stayed up to watch The Roast of Roseanne until 2am, at which point we went to bed. All in all that first night was pretty mellow, comparable to that of a teenage sleepover. Regardless, it was still pretty fun.

Tuesday 8/27 – Day 2

The three of us slept in a bit and after getting dressed, walked down to The Goldenrod (queer name right?) restaurant for breakfast around 10, 10:30. If my memory serves me correctly, after having breakfast and walking back to the motel, we piled in to Tom’s Mini and drove down to the “nubble” to chill on the rocks and look at the lighthouse. I was really the only one who, like an eight year old, climbed around on the rocks for a few minutes before we all realized there was nothing to do there and left.

We had wanted to show Tom a twisty back-road that is a lot of fun to drive on in a small sports cart like a Mini. We took him to the road but unfortunately there was some traffic on it, so we couldn’t really buzz down it like we had planned. We eventually found a spot to turn around, where we made our way back to the motel so we could pop into the pool.

I had brought the frisbee out to the pool with us and, since we were the only ones using it, we would toss the frisbee from the shallow end to a person on the deck by the deep end and see if they could catch it mid air while jumping into the pool. After messing around in the pool for a bit we decided to take advantage of the empty yard and tossed the frisbee around. We did that until we were too hot and then made our way back to the pool.

Once we were bored with that, we decided to take a ride to Portsmouth, NH to catch the 4pm tour of the Red Hook Brewery. Having never tried Red Hook before, I was looking forward to see if I liked it.

logo_gateI love the clean simplicity of the Red Hook logo.

Upon our arrival we paid for the tour, which only cost $1. We were a bit early so we looked around the gift shop and then sat and chatted until our tour began. It started out basically the same as pretty much every other brewery tour I’ve been on. The difference was that after they explained how beer is made, they brought us to a room where all the bottling and packaging is done.

It might sound dumb but looking at the production line was really interesting. It was cool to visually follow the metal maze the glass bottles travel from being empty to being boxed and saran-wrapped on pallets. However the best part of any brewery tour is the end where you get a chance to sample the beer. The four free samples we got were: Audible Ale, Kona Longboard, Pumpkin Porter, and Long Hammer IPA. After sampling the flavors each guest was allowed to go back up to the bar to try one extra taste of their favorite. I chose the pumpkin flavor, a super dark beer with a nice spicy taste. Perfect for the impending fall.

On top of that, before heading back to the gift shop, each guest got a pint glass to keep. One dollar for a tour, some beer, and a pint glass, not a bad deal if you ask me. Compared to the Harpoon Brewery tour that costs $5 and at the end of which you get nothing, and the Sam Adams tour which is free but you only get to keep the small tasting glass you are given, this is a good deal.

The tour lead back out to the gift shop, (Exit Through the Gift Shop, lol) and to the main “lobby” area that doubled as a bar/pub. You could get food there but Pete and I just chilled while Tom had a pint. It was some summer flavor, I tried it and it was very tasty.

After having our fill we made our way into Portsmouth for dinner. We had barbecue and then walked into the main downtown area. There we popped into a few cool places, Bull Moose a record shop, the Manporium, and a store called Marco Polo that sold quirky around the house type stuff that you don’t need but make any house a little less bland.


We continued to walk around the downtown area to look at all the trendy shops, all with well designed logos. It reminded me of Harvard Square and was old like Salem. Being that it is right by the water, the city lends itself to some great views of the water and surrounding bridges.  Eventually it got dark and so we went back to the motel where we chilled and talked on the balcony. Pete brought over a nice TV which allowed us to play some Game Cube and watch the roast of Donald Trump before going to bed around 1am.

Wednesday 8/28 – Day 3

We woke up once again around 10 and ate breakfast at the Goldenrod. Before heading back to the motel, we walked around the Fun-O-Rama arcade where Tom somehow lucked into two free games on the South Park pinball machine. We then went back to the motel and once again tossed the frisbee around. Next we got in our bathing suits and washed Toms car before taking a dip in the pool; less gay than it sounds.

Gravity_Falls_logoI love this logo as much as I love the Red Hook one. They both have a very “out doorsy” feel and it makes me want to go camping, or live up north, or work somewhere where I’d be near trees and log cabins.

After the pool we were ready for food, so while Pete grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, Tom introduced us to Gravity Falls, a cool cartoon on the Disney Channel. We ate and watched the show until about 6pm after which we got our stuff together and left Maine. We drove home -me and Tom in his car, Pete by himself in his- through the deep fog that had settled in that day. The first time I looked at the clock on the highway, it was 7pm but before you knew it, it was 8 and we were driving up to my door.

Once at my place we watched 1 episode of Gravity Falls on Pete’s computer before taking over the downstairs TV to watch Patrick Dempsey Racing Le Mans on Velocity. The first of the four part mini-series was pretty interesting and us all being car guys really liked it. After it ended we watched several more episodes of Gravity Falls On Demand. We chased GF with one episode of Wheeler Dealers (DB7) after which Pete went home. Tom and I ended up going to bed around 1:30am.

Thursday 8/29 – Day 4

I woke up this morning at 9am to the sound of Tom’s alarm going off. Pete stopped by at about 9:30 and we took both Minis to breakfast at Bickfords. After eating our breakfast, we said goodbye to Tom who had to leave to go back to New Jersey.

Pete drove me home, dropped me off, and I’ve been writing this -on and off- since 11am.


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