Full Circle

It’s funny to me how things come full circle. It was almost exactly a year ago that I was on the Staple Design website and I happened upon this post. I did a post of my own about this company and this website before, but now more than ever the post pictured below is relevant to my life.

Since that time, I have thought of it many times for various reasons. However, whenever I tried to search for it on the Staple website, I could never find it. So, after finding it on Google, I decided to do this post, so I would never lose it again.

130SQ_FeetHere is the link to this post.

It has recently been on my mind because my sister just moved out of my family’s house and into an apartment of her own. Seeing how relatively big her apartment is, when compared to the one in the Staple post, it really gets you to think about how best to utilize the space you have. It has gotten me to think that when I move out, I would be more than happy with a rad little apartment like this one because a) theoretically the rent is lower, and b) it forces you to take only what is necessary.

Conversely, I was/am considering moving across the hall to my sisters old room because it, get this, has more space. That being said, it also gets more light and I am tired of being in my dark cave of a room. It’s probably why I’m so short, I never got enough of the sun’s rays to grow, lol. I also see it as an opportunity to start over and take with me only the bare minimum, making for a less cluttered life.

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