Dipper Pines Costume

I am 90% done with my Dipper costume. I bought an orange shirt at American Apparel and got a blank trucker hat on Amazon dot com that I then turned into the “Dipper hat” by drawing a pine tree on it. All I have left to get is the deep blue vest. I know that they sell them at Target, but they are ~$30. Considering I will probably never wear the vest again, I’m not sure I want to commit that much money to a one-time-only costume.


I was/am considering wearing my Suicycles vest and turning Dipper into Punk Rock Dipper. I would take off the Suicycles patch and replace it with a patch that says “Dipper Pines” or “Gravity Falls.” However, since as it is Dipper Pines is going to be a fairly unknown and relatively obscure costume, I feel like I should stick to it as closely as possible. There isn’t room to elaborate like there is with established costumes; ex. Zombie Darth Vader. Oh shit, I just thought of that! Has that been done?


Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I made a crappy “Book #3” prop to carry around with me to help sell or authenticate the character. Lastly, I want to apologize to Nashville Tom for stealing his idea, as I’m pretty sure he had said that he was planning on being Dipper for Halloween. However, I’m sure he won’t mind considering the odds of us being at the same costume parties are pretty low.


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