The Container Store

Yesterday I went to The Container Store to help find a container needed in my house. I had never been before, but all I could imagine on the way there was an Ocean State Job Lot quality type store. Upon my arrival however, I quickly realized just how wrong I was. The Container Store is a lot nicer and a lot cooler than I was ever expecting a store with a name like that to be.


It reminded me of IKEA which, to me, is equally cool. Places like that and Jordan’s Furniture are cool places to go to because they take something mundane, like shopping for furniture, or in this case organizational storage units, and turn it into a fun experience. Either that, or I’m easily amused. It also is just great for giving you ideas on how best or how else you could reorganize the things you already have. Who doesn’t like picturing and imagining setting things up in new ways in their room.

No? Is it just me? Am I a girl?


While at The Container Store, I found something else that was interesting to me. I was walking around aimlessly, looking at all the cool stuff they had, when I stopped and looked at a bookcase. On it was, naturally, a set of books. I picked one up, assuming it was a prop like the fake computers they have on display on the desks, but to my surprise it was real. I started flipping through it and when I got to about halfway, a small piece of paper fell out. I picked it up and, upon closer study, noticed it was a stub from a boarding pass for either AeroMexico or Mexicana Airlines. It was just yesterday and I already forget.

This was interesting to me for several reasons, the first being that I like airplanes and air travel. But also, it made me wonder, what was it doing there? Had someone been reading the book and used an old boarding pass as a bookmark? Were they leaving it there for someone else to find? Were they leaving it there just to screw with someone like me even though it had no actual significance? Was it part of a game?

Whatever the reason, it got me to think and piqued my interest, and that alone was one more thing that added to the “fun” experience I had while at The Container Store. It made me feel like the gang from Scooby-Doo. Like I had found some sort of clue that would lead us to “Old Mr. Jenkins,” or whoever was committing tax fraud that week. It also gave me the idea that I should do stuff like that; leave little mementos places and never know if they will be found. I feel like when humans do cool little things like that, it makes life just that much more livable and gives the world a sense of humor.

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