Weird Day

I was getting sick of sitting around in the house on my days off and doing nothing, so I decided to take the hi wheel into boston for an impromptu adventure. I really only had one mission, go to Ball and Buck and see if they had any Throne watches leftover from the pop up shop they held at B&B back in May.


Throne Watch_230

A little backstory is that yesterday I acquired the latest issue of Iron and Air magazine. In it, featured in their “Cool Sh!t” section, was a watch company called Throne. Based in Brooklyn, Throne specializes in buying old watches and makes new leather straps for them so they can be resold. Every since my watch strap broke for the nth time, I decided I wanted a new watch.

Initially I was going to wait until I got a full time job and reward myself with a $400 Autodromo watch. However, even though I didn’t get a full time job yet, I’m considering picking one of these up as they are just as cool and much cheaper at $150.

end tangent—

In any case, back to my story. So, I was at Ball and Buck and I realized that I was on the last pages of the 3rd book of the three pack of Field Notes I had bought back in January (after attending the Capsule Show). Since B&B was where I had bought them the last time, I knew they’d be there. The sales clerk tried to persuade me to buy the Expedition pack; an orange special edition of FN that is waterproof. Though I do like the look of them, I don’t really do that much “extreme” stuff to warrant purchasing them.


Then, looking through their selection, I noticed they still had the Country Fair edition Field Notes. I really would have been okay with just the plain ones like I got last time, but I thought that if they had Massachusetts, I’d buy them. I searched through all the piles of states until finally, hidden in a random stack, I found Mass. It was a sign. I would have defaulted to the Expedition ones if they didn’t have Mass, but magically, they did. The only thing I don’t like about the Country Fair edition is that they use graph paper instead of lined, however, I think I’ll manage. Oh and by the way, I am well aware of how lame it is to care what style pocket notebook you carry around with you.

After selecting my MA Field Notes, I made my way over to the counter to make my purchase. As it turned out, my cashier’s name was, oddly enough, Kyle. While checking out, I asked if they had any Throne watches leftover from the pop up shop. Alas they did not. However, before leaving, one of the other employees, an older gentleman, handed me a flyer for the American Field pop up market that is taking place this weekend at the Sowa Power Station. Kyle mentioned to me that perhaps Throne would be represented there. Upon looking up the pop up market when I got home, I found that Throne is in fact listed as one of the brands that will be represented there!


Based on their website, American Field reminds me of the Capsule Show that I went to this past January in New York. A lot of cool brands all together in one place. I look forward to potentially attending this weekend.

—weird day cont’d

After leaving B&B I continued to ride down Newbury Street. As I rode, I noticed someone familiar on the sidewalk. It was my friend Delaney. We chatted for a bit and it turned out she was on her way to get coffee before going to her dog walking job. I told her that we should chill and asked her what time she got out of work. She said she got out at three and that she’d call me.

We left things there and then went our separate ways. This basically lead to a montage of me riding aimlessly around Boston. I went all the way out to the USS Constitution before making my way back to Copley Plaza via North Point Park and Storrow Drive.

After resting on a bench for a few minutes, I brought my bike to Dartmouth St where I locked it up and began to make my way up Newbury again, this time on foot. I figured I’d go to Newbury Comics and waste time until Delaney called but before I could get there, I ran into Evan and his friend Hannah outside of Be Good. It’s like it was “run into people you know on Newbury Street” day.

Hannah had to leave and Evan had to go back to the Orchard skate shop where he works, so I went with him. I chilled there for a short while before getting a call from Delaney. She said she had to meet up with her roommate before heading out of the city. I informed her that I was heading out of the city too and she said we should meet at the Pru (where she was meeting her roommate) before heading out of Boston together.

After hanging up I said goodbye to Evan, and, after stealing some of his fries, left to meet up with Delaney and her roommate. I made my way to the Prudential Center and no sooner did I reach the top of the stairs did I see Delaney and Mabel (her roommate) about to come down them. It was crazy how perfect the timing was.

After meeting up with them we made our way to Smoothie King to satisfy Mabel’s craving for a smoothie before heading over to a girly store called Lush. Delaney and I spent a short while in Lush with Mabel before peace-ing out, grabbing my bike and taking the train home.


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