American Field: Pop Up Market

Last Sunday I attended the American Field pop up market at the Sowa Power Station. What a well curated show. Like I said before, this reminded me a lot of the Capsule Show. The main difference being that here, the goal is to bring consumers face to face with the brands in order to allow them a first hand opportunity to purchase said products.

The main goal of Capsule is/was to show what is new on the market from certain company and for buyers to come and take orders as to what they want represented in their stores. This I’m sure also takes place at AF, but more so I believe it is a market place.

Me, Philip, Pete - American FieldMe (in chair), Philip – Pete’s brother (standing), and Pete (on couch). This image was borrowed from the Ball and Buck Facebook page.

AF is all about bringing together brands and goods that are made in America. Supporting American and buying American is something that is very important and helpful to our economy. I’m not saying that I personally go out of my way to buy only American made goods. What I am saying is that it is nice to know that if you want to find something that is American made, there is a place at which to do so.

I’m sure I’m coming off as a self righteous Republican patriotic douche-bag right now. However, I am really just a fan of these goods, I believe in this cause, and I think I can say for all of us, you get a little stoked when you see that something you bought was made in America.

2012 American Field Pop Up Market from Ball and Buck on Vimeo. For whatever reason the vid I wanted to post wouldn’t embed properly but the link before this sentence should bring you to the video. It’s from last year’s market and does a good job at giving an overview of the show.

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