Something finally happened that I was beginning to think might never happen, I got an iPhone. If you know me at all, you know what a big step this is. It was basically pushed on me by my parents and though I don’t mind having it, it’s a little weird to finally be in that circle of people who “has an iPhone.”

iPhone Package#iPhone5S #newphone #hiwheelscene #firstinstagram; I totally fucked up my first Instagram. I didn’t realize that hashtags can’t have spaces betweeen them. Oh, well.

However, I’m not simply writing this post to tell you I have an iPhone. I’m writing to inform you that in addition to the traditional posts that you’ve all grown to know and love, you can now also follow me on Instagram. That’s right, I, in addition to being a “person with a smartphone,” am also on a social networking site, another big step for me (read this post to see why).

Mainly, I like Instagram for the ability to edit your pics and make yourself look like a better “photographer” than you are (even though real photographers use a combination of skill and tasteful photoshop and a real camera). I don’t give much of a shit about the social aspect of the app, I merely like that I have a decent camera again as my point and shoot is shitting the bed. To follow me on Instagram just search for hiwheelscene.


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