The Blood Coven

This past Friday night I attended a Halloween party at my friend’s apartment -aka The Blood Coven- in Medford. As is the case with most parties, you sort of hype them up and hope that they won’t disappoint. Gladly I can say that this party did not disappoint.

MeAsDipperMe dressed as Dipper Pines from the Disney Channel cartoon Gravity Falls

There’s nothing I can really say or point out that made it good. I guess it’s the fact that I got just the right amount of drunk, that I never felt isolated, and everyone was just conversing and having a good time. What also may have helped was that in addition to the usual suspects, a group of friends from my past showed up.

The cool thing about this was that I was able to vary who I talked with more than just the same 5 people. I got to catch up with my old friends and make myself feel like I actually do have a life away from the HK Crew. The culmination of good music, good booze, and good friends led to a 4am bedtime and an overall rad night.

Also, yesterday/last night I attended my cousin Rebecca’s wedding. It was a pretty fancy affair at the Seaport Hotel in Boston. The actual wedding itself was a bit long. It reminded me of something I already knew, which is that if and when I ever get married, the actual wedding part is going to be short and to the point. “Do you? Do you? Okay good, lets eat.”

I always look forward to weddings for two things, food and dancing. The steak was very good as well as the chocolate covered strawberries and dessert shooters I had for dessert. The dancing bit however left something to be desired. Because the affair was so classy they had a band instead of a DJ. This was not bad really, the band was very talented however, it meant that in terms of music I wasn’t going to be able to make any requests like Justice or Daft Punk, that I could really break it down to. Because of that, the amount of dancing I did suffered.

The other thing that goes hand in hand with weddings is the want to hook up with, or at the very least dance with a few gals. The problems I always seem to run into in this department are as follows; 1) the woman I’m interested in is married, brought a date, or is in a relationship, 2) I can’t tell if the girl I want to dance with is “too young”, and 3) since a wedding has to do with bringing two families together, technically, if the invitee you’re trying to get with isn’t just a friend (of the family) would that mean you’d be dancing/trying to hook up with your family? It’s all very strange.

Fortunately, towards the end of the night, my aunt -who’s also a big dancer- came over to me and asked why I wasn’t on the floor. I told her that I wasn’t really feeling it and that the music wasn’t good enough or the “right type of music” to dance to. No sooner did the words leave my mouth did the band start playing Billy Jean. I got out there and for the next five songs schooled everyone on the dance floor. All in all it was a pretty good time.


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