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Just another Boston excursion strew amongst countless others. 12 hours is a long time to be out and about. Makes your day-cation feel more taxing than being at work. There were 5 main goals I wished to achieve, two of which were time sensitive. Here’s how it played out.

1) Alton Lane – While watching the latest episode of The Esquire Network’s show The Getaway (which BTW, if I haven’t yet mentioned it or told you to watch it, watch it) which took place in Boston, I found out about a store called Alton Lane.

AltonLaneSuits_StagAlton Lane Suits | Does the “taxidermy” look familiar?

AL is a custom tailored suit company that uses body-scanning technology, combined with old school measuring methods to craft the perfect-fit tailored suit. I merely wanted to stop in to check out their store because I had no prior knowledge of their existence and, now that I do, plan on getting my next suit made there.

2) H&M – after that it was off to H&M, a stones throw away from AL on Newbury Street. I was really only looking for one thing, a plain white skinny tie. Though they did have one, it was silky/shiny and I wanted a flat white tie. A simple thing, but one that has proved surprisingly hard to find.

3) Express – after striking out at H&M, I made my way over to Boylston, to the Express (store) in the Prudential center. My mission was the same; find a plain white skinny tie with no shine, just flat white. After briefly looking around, I once again left disappointed.

So, it was off to Brookline for a 3-hour time killer between this, my third goal, and what would turn out to be my anticlimactic fifth goal.

4) Blue is the Warmest Color – Ever since stumbling upon the trailer for Blue on Apple Trailers, I have been interested in seeing it. Being the sap that I am, I was actually interested in seeing a beautiful love story, regardless of the fact that it was girl on girl. Although I’d be lying if I said that (the girl on girl action), and its NC-17 rating, weren’t slight factors.

I never even really mentioned my interest in it to my friends because I figured if I waited on them to make concrete plans, I wouldn’t see it until two years after its DVD release. So, I patiently awaited its release to local theaters (I ended up seeing it at Coolidge Corner) until finally yesterday, during my excursion, I was able to fit it into my plans.

Even though I knew BITWC is a French film, I, for whatever reason, didn’t realize it was going to be in French with subtitles. This was not a turn off (pun intended?), merely an unexpected factor. But who doesn’t like a little mid-day soft-core lesbian porn?

Blue is about a high school girl, Adele, who is exploring her sexuality. She realizes through a few stolen female kisses and one intense masturbatory fantasy, that she may be interested in women. The story leads her to meet Emma, an older Blue haired lesbian who sort of teaches Adele in the ways of the force… or something like that. It goes on to explore the intricacies of their relationship -albeit with a few explicit sex scenes- and how their problems are no different from the problems a straight couple faces.

The emotions felt very real (well acted) and we really get the picture of how different factors impacted their relationship over the course of 3 to 5 years. However, in spite of all this, I wasn’t blown away by the movie. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked it, I thought it was good, and it is a great remedy for E.D., but something about their love story never really brought me to the emotional level or connection I was expecting to reach or feel. In short I suppose I never quite climaxed.

5) MIT’s production of Young Frankenstein – after my 3-hour (3:30-6:30) up and down (innuendo intended?) movie adventure, I made my way over to my last destination, MIT.

A few weeks ago, my friend Karen (from Highland Kitchen) told me she was going to be in a production of Young Frankenstein. I told her that I would be there, so long as she reminded me. Needless to say, she didn’t remind me, but luckily, thanks to my good memory, I remembered on my own.


I was interested in seeing the musical as I’m a fan of the movie. The musical was fairly well done. The acting was decent -about high school quality, the sets were minimalist but good and got the point across, the lighting actually stood out to me as quite good, and the singing was solid for the most part.

However, amongst the cast there were two actors that stood out to me. The actress who played Inga had an excellent singing voice. It was very sweet sounding and she had no trouble reaching the high notes. But for my money, the actress who played Igor was the best one out there. She stole the show. Her comedic timing combined with her line delivery, singing voice, and ability to act even when the focus was not on her, made her outshine the rest.

Overall it was a solid performance and I chuckled and laughed several times throughout the production. Afterwards I stuck around to congratulate the cast before making my exit.

Days like this are always tough to reflect on. You build something up all day in your head and then, suddenly, its over. I don’t know what I was expecting to happen. Without stepping on anyones toes, I find myself tip toeing around my not so hidden intentions. It was more than just a show I went to see. But, as per usual, I failed to accomplish whatever goal I was trying to achieve. Another anti-climax on a night that should have been filled with anything but.

Catching you up on other things I’ve seen recently…

Elton John – on Tuesday, during my Rove excursion, I got a call from my sister asking if I wanted to see Elton John at the Garden that night for free. Elton John, for free, hell yeah! She was able to score four tickets from her friend who works at the Garden and so my Mom, Dad, sister, and myself were all able to go. Great show. Three hours. He was very good and sang all the songs you wanted to hear plus some new ones.


Cloud Atlas – Incredible. Too many good things to say. Excellent: story, filmmaking, effects, editing, characters, acting. Perhaps one of my new favorites. The Wachowski’s now have three (movies; The Matrix, V for Vendetta, and Cloud Atlas) on my (favorite movies) list.

The Counselor – there’s a reason I didn’t do a review of this, it wasn’t even worth reviewing.


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