Another Rove Adventure

I’ve found that unless I make plans in advance to do something, I’ll typically sit around all day and do nothing. So today, since I knew I didn’t have to work and have been working a lot lately, I decided to seize the day. A few things I’ve been wanting to get done had been piling up, so I decided to use my day off productively to get them done. Plus, since I’ve only used Rove one other time, I decided that this adventure would be a great opportunity to use it again.

RoveMapRove map/overview

The first stop on my list was the Blick art store. When I had bought my screen printing supplies, I had accidentally bought some things that I didn’t need, so I went to return them. By the way, I am fully aware of how mundane this is going to sound to you, so if you decide to tune out now I totally won’t blame you. I knew I’d have no problem with one of the bottles I needed to return, but I was concerned they might not let me return the other as I had used a bit of the liquid inside it. To my pleasant surprise however, they allowed me to return both bottles. This was great because it meant that I now had extra money on my debit card to spend on food at my next destination.

ShakShack_BurgerLogoShake Shack logo engraved into the table

My next destination was a burger joint I had heard about from a buddy of mine called Shake Shack (not the buddy, the burger joint). According to their website, the only Boston area location was in Chestnut Hill. So, I made my way down to the D Line, a short walk from Blick, and took it to Chestnut Hill. From the station it was only a 10 minute walk to Shake Shack. Upon arrival, we (my Mum came with me BTW) were faced with a line that was literally out the door. We waited patiently though, and the line actually moved fairly fast. Once at the front I ordered a double, something I rarely do, but I was hungry.

This however was not your average double. One patty was a regular hamburger, but the other patty was a portebello mushroom. The burger was topped with lettuce, tomato (which I picked out), cheese, bacon, and Shake Sauce. It was excellent. I was gonna get a picture of it but a) my hands were too greasy, and b) I ate it too fast. We also shared a chocolate shake. How can you go to the Shack without ordering a shake? It too was good, but filling. My Mum also snuck in an order of cheese fries that really hit the spot.

UrbanOutfittersArtCollagePosters to be mentioned a few paragraphs below

After taking some time to digest, we headed back to the Green line and made our way to our last destination, Harvard Square. Once there, the first place we hit was Newbury Comics. I forgot how big that Newbs was, and how good of a selection they have there. However, in spite of this, they didn’t have what I was looking for, but to be honest, it was probably for the best. Not only did I not need any of the stuff I was looking for (basically just Summer Wars and/or Durarara) but also, it was packed in there.

Next we crossed the street to Urban Outfitters. However, while crossing, my Mum noticed that there was a Shake Shack diagonally from us. I was so confused and kind of pissed because I saw no mention of it on their website. Not only that, but I wouldn’t have had us shlep all the way out to Chestnut Hill. I’d have condensed the trip and had it contained to Harvard Square (apart from the returns I had to make at Blick). Oh well, the way I see it, it made our trip take that much longer and be that much more of an adventure.

So anyway, we made our way into Urban (which BTW is probably the biggest and best one I’ve been to) where I continued my quest for Hawkings McGill wingtip boots. It’s a long story, but basically every Urban I’ve been to has not had them in stock. In any case, to my surprise when I got to their shoe section, they did have the boots in stock. Unfortunately they didn’t have any left in my size. I tried on the smallest they had just for fun -a size and a half up from what I was looking for- and it was way too big for my foot. So, I decided to just look around a bit to make it a little more worth my while before leaving.

VentureOutArt print for my sister

Eventually I made my way to the “art section” of the store where I found the posters pictured a few paragraphs above. I really liked these but they were all kind of expensive, and, I really didn’t/don’t need them. There was one (the one pictured above) however, that made me instantly think of my sister. I looked at the back and saw a price tag of only $9.99. I couldn’t believe it, but, upon bringing it up to the register, it turned out to be true. I had the cashier hold it for me while I made one final loop around the store.

KosherlandWe also found this; Kosherland!

After haveing time to think about it, I decided to get it. Three things made me choose to get it, 1) the price; even though I had already bought my sister her gifts, I figured that for ten bucks, it’s too much of a bargain not to buy, 2) the season; ’tis the season of giving and it just seemed perfect, something she’d like, and 3) since I paid for lunch with my debit card, my Mum paid me back for her half in cash, so, since I had extra money in my wallet, it felt like I wasn’t spending any money at all. It wasn’t until I got home that I noticed the canvas had a small rip in it, which is probably why it was on clearance. Oh well, it was still worth it. You can’t see it in the picture because I photoshopped it out.

After making the my purchase, I decided we’d had enough and we made our way home. There were only two things omitted from my itinerary. One was Bon Chon; I wanted to go there because I’d heard about it a lot while I was an intern at The Boston Phoenix, and because the same friend who talked up Shake Shack had talked up this place as well. My initial plan was to buy some chicken and bring it home for the fam for dinner. But, like I said, I was tired and I wasn’t in the mood to do anything else.

The other place I wanted to go to was Black Ink. I was going to buy my Mum a set of Palomino Pencils (they’re supposed to be like the best pencil’s in the world + she’s a note taker like me, so, yeah) I heard about through the Tested YouTube Channel. However, a) she was with me so it wouldn’t have been much of a surprise and b) while out shopping yesterday, I ended up buying her this instead.


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