Stream Of Consciousness

Today I had a lunch date planned with a friend for noon at the Shake Shack in Harvard Square. I timed it perfectly, got there at 12:01. Waited for a half an hour only to be stood up. Oh well, a shack stack with bacon and cherry peppers cures all. She txt’d and apologized.

After eating I made my way over to Urban Outfitters (this was playing), looking for a shirt I’d seen a character on a TV show wear. The didn’t have it, but they did have this big book of Hip Hop. Dope. They also had this (see pic below). They also had the Wes Anderson book that my sister was going to buy me for Christmas but didn’t (because she couldn’t find it) and ended up being the source of more drama than was necessary. Ironic.


Left and made my way to American Apparel. -Passed a homeless man and gave him change. Something I never do, but did because I had loose change from the Shack. Never have change.- Didn’t have the shirt I was looking for. Kept walking.

The day was actually pretty perfect. A nice chill to let you know it’s winter, but really nothing else. Harvard/Cambridge area, outside the square, is so quiet and nice. Just some sun and the music in my head (My Morning Jacket and MUSE). Plus I felt good. Full from the burger but also felt, just good. Content. Knew I looked good; blue button down, Members Only, and the purple beanie. Only thing missing was a pair of sunglasses. I find when I am well dressed, I feel better.

Thoughts of the Frankl wiki post I had read the night before buzzed through my head. Planted there by a friend. Yeah, let’s just say a friend.


Sunday was a wasted day… for the most part. The Godfather with my dad during the afternoon; The Golden Globes with my mum in the evening; Girls by myself at night. What a letdown by the way. Girls I mean.

Back to the streets of Cambridge. Thoughts of Frankl and existentialism. Today I was not wasting my day. Harvard should have several book stores. Maybe I’ll pick up a cheap used copy of Man’s Search For Meaning. Walked down Mass Ave, towards Central. Found a used book store and scavenged unsuccessfully.

Got a text from said friend. Red line to Orange line home. Write this and then get ready for work.

Also, these songs MMJ and The Kinks


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