I saw it last Sunday. Meant to tell you. It was good.

If you can suspend disbelief enough to not find what you are watching ridiculous or funny, and instead take the movie for what it is, and take it seriously, it is a very good movie. There are parts that are very touching and poignant and others that are laugh-out-loud funny.

One aspect that is prominent and consistently good throughout the movie is the design; the contemporary look of the furniture, electronics, and locations; and the distinct color choices. Visually it is a treat to look at. A sort of pastel, spring, warm vibe. It is also very aware of the time we live in. On a very obvious sense, the attachment we find ourselves with technology, specifically our phones. The sort of “how did I live without you” feeling.

I myself must confess I find myself looking at my iPhone every once in a while, and just enjoying the beauty of its design. We must always be in a different world and never aware of our surroundings. It is in this that the beauty of the scenery of the movie comes to life as a visual metaphor, reminding us that there is more to our world than the screens we interact with.

If I had one complaint, it would be that it wasn’t sad enough. The acting is great and the characters feel very real, but it didn’t get me there. I actually enjoy, the sap that I am, being so moved by a film and being brought to tears. This however, for whatever reason, didn’t do that for me. Regardless, on basically every other aspect, it was well done and very enjoyable.


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