Peter Iannaco Photography

So a few months ago I sort of called it quits with Pete. Sounds gay I know, but I just needed/need a break. A little time away or time apart to process a lot of the negative energy and feelings I had/have towards him. The truth is that I don’t hate him, and I want to support him as much as I can. The other day he posted the video below on YouTube. I watched it today and thought it was excellent.

So much so that I decided to post it on this blog. Not that my word or say has any creedence. Not that the 90-whatever followers I have are going to start a viral revolution that’s going to take Pete’s photography/videography career to the next level. But it’s my little way of saying sorry for being so blunt and shitty about the whole thing. I don’t hate you and I do hope we can some day be friends again. I just need more time.


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