Ales, Lagers, Expedition

Yesterday, my sister had the day off and she wanted to walk around Boston with my Mom. So, since I had the day off too, I crashed the party. We met up with her at Back Bay and exited out the back side, something we never do. There was no destination in mind, so we strolled and chatted our way around the South End.

I’ll explain^ in a couple paragraphs.

We eventually made our way to Mass Ave, and then took a few twists and turns that took us through the Northeastern campus, and eventually past the MFA. We walked to the backside of the MFA and ended up on Norway street, or something that splashed us out to Boylston near the Hynes stop. We walked down Boylston in search of a place to eat.

The first stop we made was at Dillon’s Bar and Pub. The first shitty thing was that it was a bit more upscale than we all thought. The second was that in spite of it being fairly empty, it took our waitress a long time to take our drink order. Then, once she did, she brought over water that clearly had dirt and stuff floating in it. We’re not usually picky, but this was ridiculous. I told our waitress -who was busy chatting with the rest of the waiters and waitresses- to cancel our drink order, and we left.

We ended up a few doors down at the Cactus Club. This place was much better and our waiter was really cool and very nice. After a heartburn inducing meal we made our way to the Vans DQM store on Newbury Street. Eventually we went in to Ball & Buck where I picked up three 3-packs of Field Notes*; Drink Local: Ales, Drink Local: Lagers, and the Expedition pack. I’ve realized that filling one of these books takes me approximately 2 months, so, at that rate, I won’t need new Field Notes for the next 18 months!

After my $30 FN purchase at B&B I showed my sister Makerbot. We then continued down Newbury where I got the song Just One Look stuck in my head. We crossed, walked through the Boston Garden, and ended up on Charles Street where we tooled around for a bit before walking to Haymarket and taking the train home.

*I hate that I love these and that I actually care about the different “editions.” I feel like the kids I made fun of for collecting Pokemon cards. However, I will say that both the Ales and Lagers packs came with custom coasters, so there. That actually probably makes it more lame, huh?


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