Mind Blown/Music Lesson

The other day (Monday) I was listening to A Cross the Universe (the live Justice album, not the Beatles song) on my way to pick up some friends for a St Patrick’s Day Celebration. While on the way, the song Phantom Pt. 1.5 came on. In the middle (1:34 in until the end) there was a part that I knew couldn’t be original Justice and I recognized it from another source. A bit of wiki-ing and Googling lead me to this (see vid below).

I still don’t know how, why, or what else [other source] I recognize it from, but, regardless, I love it. Sidenote: Vangelis is the same guy who scored Blade Runner… so yeah, kinda awesome.

This then lead me to wiki Cross, Justice’s first album, which brought to my attention three other eye opening realizations. The song Newjack is based off of the song You Make Me Wanna Wiggle by The Brothers Johnson. The song Phantom (as well as Phantom Pt. II) is based off of the song Tenebre by Goblin which is the main title to the Dario Argento film Tenebre. And the song Stress is based off of the song Night On Disco Mountain by David Shire, which is in turn based on the classical piece Night On Bald Mountain by Mussorgsky.

This also reminded me that, upon recently listening* to the song Contact by Daft Punk, I found out that it -along with some of their other older songs- was based off of another song; in this case We Ride Tonight by The Sherbs.

All of this makes me not feel bad about wanting to take the beginning (first 20 seconds) of Tea For One by Led Zeppelin, and turn it into a completely different song of it’s own. It’s like they got started on one song and then decided part way through to scrap it and go in a completely different direction.

*I was compelled to listen to it because I had just seen the first episode of Cosmos, which is incredible by the way, and I felt/feel that the song is perfect for the series.


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